About this blog

Is it just me getting older and more cynical – or are there more badly-handled crises these days? Much as I admire Heston Blumenthal, and enjoy his television programmes, his response to the food poisoning incident at The Fat Duck is widely considered the case study of What Not To Do. And then Tiger Woods got it even more spectacularly wrong.

The trouble with these two cases is not just that they damaged reputations, and cost lottery-winning sized sums of money in lost revenue and compensation. It is also that Heston and Tiger are both revered in their professions. They might easily be considered to have set the standard that others should follow. But, while they might be able to absorb their financial losses, and can afford to pay for high-profile campaigns to regain public trust, the majority of small businesses could not survive something similar – if they behave in the same way.

So, this blog will give tips, taken from the good and the bad of what’s going on around us, so independent businesses, particularly restaurants and food businesses (about which I am passionate), can see how others prepare for, manage and survive their worst nightmare.